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Our holistic approach for successful entrepreneurs

You can find marketing courses around every corner. Consultants, gurus and influencers offer you free or expensive knowledge, whatever you want. The question that remains is: what should you learn, what do you want to achieve? Which way is the right way? We believe that it takes a holistic approach to be successful as an entrepreneur. A marketing course alone is not enough.

You need three things to become financially free:

1) health (physical and mental health)

2) determination (being willing to walk the path) and

3) knowledge (being able to walk the path).

Our academy is designed to provide you with precisely what you need to grow. We have carefully selected courses and books for our library that align with our approach. Membership is $195 per year.

Empower Entrepreneurs Worldwide: Unleashing Thriving Businesses through Knowledge, Community, and Services at BE MY GUEST MARKETING!

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Our objective is to enhance the success of every entrepreneur by providing concise knowledge at an affordable cost in one central location. You no longer have to scour YouTube and Google endlessly for the latest fad. Our courses, reports, and e-books cut to the chase, delivering crucial information quickly and efficiently to fit into your busy daily routine.

Video Courses

We have an extensive selection of 50+ video courses covering a diverse range of topics, such as personal growth, health and wellness, sales, and marketing.

Online Library

Our online library comprises of more than 100 ebooks, reports, and articles, providing you with an in-depth understanding of the subjects covered in our courses.

Multi Media Vault

Access our new Multimedia Vault with hundreds of videos, Powerpoint slides, audio files and thousands of images to use right away.

Affordable Education:
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50+ courses and 100+ ebooks for just $195 per year.

Success leaves clues - here you found them!

By utilizing the knowledge we offer, you can transform not only your education but also your body, soul, business, and personal life into something greater.


Discover the fundamental principles of maintaining overall wellness by nurturing your mind and body.


Discover how to begin and stay on track by cultivating the determination to do whatever it takes to succeed.


Success requires the right knowledge. We found it, now it's up to you. Become part of our academy today.

50+ video courses on demand

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Health & Well-being

The most valuable assets you possess are your health and well-being, and it is crucial to prioritize their care. Without a healthy manager, no business can run efficiently, and an individual cannot function optimally without proper self-care. Our courses focus on nurturing both your body and soul, ensuring that you can sustain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


By enrolling in our courses, you will gain newfound clarity and motivation that will enable you to prioritize the most critical tasks in your personal and professional life. Our step-by-step approach is designed to guide you towards self-improvement, regardless of your current skill level or circumstances.

Sales & Marketing Knowledge

For your business to thrive, it is essential to allocate resources towards sales and marketing efforts. Since your time and money are valuable commodities, it is crucial to have a sound understanding of how to utilize them effectively. Our courses will equip you with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions on how to allocate your resources for maximum impact.

Money & Business Knowledge

Acquiring and maintaining financial expertise is crucial for achieving success in business. Our selection of courses in this area will provide you with valuable knowledge on effective money-saving techniques, strategic investment practices, and innovative ideas for generating income through new or existing ventures.

Step-by-Step Video Courses

Our Courses: Comprehensive Resources and Video Lessons - Everything You Need Is Here

Training Guide

Complete Course Experience: In-Depth Training Guides Covering Every Aspect of the course. Almost all training guides have 30+ pages.

See an example here.

Training Material

Enhanced Course Content: Explore 3-4 Supplementary Training Resources such as Checklists, Resource Reports, Mind Maps, and Cheat Sheets

See an example here.

Video Lessons

Immersive Learning Experience: Every Course Provides a Minimum of 10 Video Lessons, with Certain Courses Boasting Up to 40 Lessons

All our courses include:

Training Guide

Additional Training Material

10-40 Video Lessons



Knowledge is power!

Our online library contains a collection of over 100 ebooks, reports, and articles that offer supplementary information for the selected courses. We continually update our library by adding more books and articles every month.

If you're interested in learning more about the titles, you can click here to get a sneak peek.


Videos & Clips
Images & Social Media Posts
Prompts, files & more


Done-for-you Digital Products you can use today

As small business owners, time is our most valuable asset. However, we often find ourselves wondering how others manage to accomplish so much, while we spend weeks creating our digital products and offers from scratch. Here is the answer!

200 Short Videos & more

Discover 100 vertical and 100 horizontal video clips with matching PPT slides and 100 MP3 audio files.

3.000 Image Quotes

Years of daily posts for your social media marketing right at your fingertips.

Video Quote Super Pack

Explore inspirational 'ready-to-use' video clips, images and editable PPT files in 3 sizes (2.700 files).

You can buy them separately, but they all come free of charge with your membership!

2.500 AI generated Images

100+ Ebooks & 5.000 fitness articles

3000 Prompts for Google Bard AI

...and much more !!!

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Your questions answered

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions for your convenience.

What is the cost of membership?

You need to purchase the "Academy Pass" for $195 per year, in order to access the academy and all the services provided.

How can I cancel my membership

You can cancel your membership within the Academy by clicking just one button (or in our case, just one line of text). If you have any problems or questions or can not enter your membership for a technical reason, feel free to email us at least 48 hours before the end of your membership year and we will take care of the rest for you.

We are available at: academy@bemyguestmarketing.com

How much are the courses?

All courses are included. There are no further costs involved.

For whom is the Academy most suitable?

Our academy targets mainly online entrepreneurs or those who use the internet to market their products and services. The course material is tailored to accommodate both novices and those with some experience. However, professionals may find the content too elementary as it lacks the requisite depth.

What type of technical equipment is required?

If you can see this page, you already possess all the necessary equipment, including a PC, a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop, and an internet connection.

What is the difference between ebooks, reports and articles?

E-books typically range from 30 to 100 pages and provide comprehensive coverage of a particular topic. On the other hand, reports are usually shorter, with a maximum of 30 pages, and only cover the basics or provide a brief overview. Articles, which are typically 2 to 4 pages long, focus on a specific aspect of a topic or answer a few questions. With these three options, you can choose between a detailed analysis or a more superficial overview, depending on your needs.

Can material be downloaded?

Although some course materials are downloadable to facilitate usage, videos and the training guides are not available for downloading. The same with the e-books and reports in our library. You can read them in our online library but you can not download them to your own devise. For mobile usage, we recommend to download our app.

The materials within the Multi Media Vault can all be downloaded.

Do you offer a trial period?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a free trial period, as all materials are made available from the very first day. Even though it might not be possible to thoroughly go through everything in 7 or 14 days, one could potentially copy everything during this time and thus gain access to our high-quality materials for "free." This is prevented as a result. We appreciate your understanding.


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For VAT reasons, our services and membership in the academy are aimed exclusively at commercially active companies. If you book our services, tools products or membership, you expressly confirm that you are not a private individual, but that you are acting as an entrepreneur.

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Library list of ebooks and reports

More is coming frequently


20 tips to make money online

Achieving your dreams

Affiliate marketing for beginners

Affiliate marketing secret

Affiliate Networking

AI for Productivity

AI Youtube Masterclass

Automating online business

Be heard

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Boosting productivity

CBD Power

Cash in on Clickbank

Change mastery

Complete concentration

Confidence unshakable

Copyrighting expertise

Course Ninja

Developing emotional intelligence

Domain name success kit

Email marketing success

Establishing brand recognition

Everyday hacks habits

Facebook marketing unleashed

Get started with webinars

Google Bard AI

Google Meet mastery

Insta profit magnet

Lead generation on demand

Lifestyle design

Live the life you deserve

Make first $100 on the web

Mass persuasion secrets

Membership authority

Merch mastery

Millionaire theory

Niche market discovery

Outsource to success

Periscope marketing for success

Relentless optimism

Side hustle success

Snapchat marketing excellence

Social Media Marketing Revolution

Success mindset

Success with Shopify

Total body weight transformation

Tumblr income formula

Twitter success

Video marketing mastery

Vitamin D secrets

Your e-commerce store

Your first membership site

YouTube studio

YouTube quick start

Zero cost traffic tactics


5 Benefits Of Morning Rituals

7 Proven Keys To Persuade Customers

7 Ways to make money with your website

17 Ways To Use Your Autoresponder

60 Minute Profit

Accounting 101

Affiliate marketing A-Z

Aging secrets

Best substitute for meat

Blockchain Power

Consulting Wizardry

Communication Made Simple

Developing Courage

Digital Empire

Drive Traffic With Hashtags

Dropshipping - In and Out

Flash Sale Report for Cash On Demand

Forum Marketing Secrets

Getting Started With ChatBots

Internet Success For Beginners


Master YouTube Influence

Pinterest profits

Profit Builders

SEO Secrets Unraveled

Six Figure Blogging

Things To Avoid When Trading Crypto

The Ultimate List Of Lead Magnet Ideas

What deserves your attention

Writing tips made easy

Your own destiny

YouTube Success Step by Step


Nine Creative Ways to Personalize Emails

LinkedIn – how it can help small businesses

Getting more information from subscribers

Choosing a niche

Guest posting and blogging

Finding your unique selling proposition

Knowing whether a CPA firm is right for you

Turning your skills and experience into income

5 New Year’s resolutions for home-based workers

Mindset and goals

The Pinterest interface

Home-based business ideas for the creative person

Easy ways to write content

Top ways that Bing ads beat Google Adwords

How to use PPC to build your brand

Why decluttering saves you money

An introduction to Amazon affiliate

Internet business start-up guide

Why you need to create a relationship before you sell

Why dropshipping is the ideal business model


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